New Jersey Geological Survey
DGS99-1 Monochromatic Bit-Mapped 7.5 Minute Topographic Images of
 New Jersey




Monochromatic Bit-Mapped 7.5 Minute Topographic Images of
 New Jersey
Gregory C. Herman and Maryann C. Scott
N.J. Geological Survey Digital Geodata Series DGS99-1
May 27, 1999



N.J. Geological Survey DGS99-1 is a set of monochromatic, 
bit-mapped, TIFF (tagged image file format) images 
covering New Jersey. The images are derived from the U.S. 
Geological Survey 7-1/2' topographic quadrangle map Digital 
Raster Graphics (DRG) imagery.  The images are reprocessed 
at the original 250 dpi image resolution to create a set of 
seamless, tiled, monochromatic images for use within a 
Geographic Information System (GIS). Some map features were 
set to equal the background value prior to conversion to a 
monochromatic image mode in order to enhance image clarity 
for use as base maps. The conversion of the full-color 
topographic-map images to monochromatic mode results in the 
loss of some map information, such as shading for wooded 
areas. Each file was processed to include only image 
features within the N.J. State and quadrangle neatline 
boundaries. The TIFF images are georegistered and rectified 
to the 1983 North American Datum in state plane coordinate 
feet using at least four links corresponding to 7.5-minute 
graticules. Each georeferenced TIFF image was converted to 
an ARC/INFO GRID and clipped to neatline boundaries using 
ArcView 3.0a software with the Spatial Analyst extension 
running the Avenue script gridclip.ave.  The resulting 
grids were reconverted to TIFF images for distribution as 
compressed zip files.

Each 7-1/2' topographic image is saved as an ARC/INFO GRID 
and an uncompressed monochromatic bit map using the tagged 
image file format (TIFF). Following is the list of file names, 
file sizes, and quadrangle names for the images covering New 
Jersey.  Each TIFF image includes a file having the root 
file name and the tif and tfw file-name extensions.  The zip 
files are compressed versions of the uncompressed tif image 
files and contain both the *.tif and *.tfw files.
FILE               FILE SIZES

nj001     1.04MB   1.97MB    476KB     Milford
nj002     1.90MB   2.57MB    922KB     Port Jervis South
nj003     1.10MB   1.80MB    388KB     Unionville
nj004       98KB    127KB     29KB     Pine Island
nj005      875KB   1.03MB    217KB     Lake Maskenozha
nj006     2.56MB   3.01MB   1.26MB     Culvers Gap
nj007     2.69MB   3.00MB   1.31MB     Branchville
nj008     2.81MB   3.00MB   1.41MB     Hamburg
nj009     2.05MB   2.99MB   1.21MB     Wawayanda
nj010     1.66MB   1.96MB    658KB     Greenwood Lake
nj011      351KB    277KB     71KB     Sloatsburg
nj012      932KB   1.64MB    336KB     Bushkill
nj013     2.64MB   3.02MB   1.35MB     Flatbrookville
nj014     2.73MB   3.02MB   1.36MB     Newton West
nj015     2.65MB   3.01MB   1.32MB     Newton East
nj016     2.82MB   3.00MB   1.41MB     Franklin
nj017     2.29MB   3.01MB   1.42MB     Newfoundland
nj018     3.25MB   3.01MB   1.49MB     Wanque
nj019     3.80MB   3.02MB   1.58MB     Ramsey
nj020     2.14MB   2.32MB    846KB     Park Ridge
nj021      748KB    714KB    199KB     Nyack
nj022      290KB     61KB     27KB     Stroudsburg
nj023     2.29MB   3.02MB   1.12MB     Portland
nj024     2.43MB   3.04MB   1.27MB     Blairstown
nj025     2.31MB   3.02MB   1.23MB     Tranquility
nj026     2.81MB   3.02MB   1.42MB     Stanhope
nj027     3.05MB   3.01MB   1.50MB     Dover
nj028     2.22MB   3.01MB   1.31MB     Boonton
nj029     3.24MB   3.02MB   1.49MB     Pompton Plains
nj030     4.10MB   3.02MB   1.90MB     Patterson
nj031     3.93MB   3.03MB   1.84MB     Hackensack
nj032     2.47MB   2.55MB   1.22MB     Yonkers
nj033      416KB    492KB    108KB     Bangor
nj034     2.21MB   3.04MB   1.05MB     Belvidere
nj035     2.67MB   3.04MB   1.32MB     Washington
nj036     2.31MB   3.03MB   1.20MB     Hackettstown
nj037     2.55MB   3.02MB   1.32MB     Chester
nj038     2.90MB   3.01MB   1.39MB     Mendham
nj039     2.10MB   3.01MB   1.38MB     Morristown
nj040     2.73MB   3.02MB   1.40MB     Caldwell
nj041     3.46MB   3.03MB   1.75MB     Orange
nj042     3.40MB   3.03MB   1.53MB     Weehawken
nj043     1.37MB   1.16MB    401KB     Central Park
nj044     1.86MB   1.94MB    737KB     Easton
nj045     2.18MB   3.06MB   1.27MB     Bloomsbury
nj046     2.42MB   3.05MB   1.21MB     High Bridge
nj047     2.45MB   3.04MB   1.25MB     Califon
nj048     2.59MB   3.03MB   1.18MB     Gladstone
nj049     2.22MB   3.02MB   1.13MB     Bernardsville
nj050     2.90MB   3.02MB   1.52MB     Chatham
nj051     3.27MB   3.03MB   1.61MB     Roselle 
nj052     3.10MB   3.04MB   1.45MB     Elizabeth
nj053     1.63MB   2.23MB    827KB     Jersey City
nj055      818KB    915KB    347KB     Riegelsville
nj056     2.04MB   3.04MB    982KB     Frenchtown
nj057     1.74MB   3.05MB    948KB     Pittstown
nj058     2.11MB   3.04MB   1.13MB     Flemington
nj059     1.43MB   3.04MB   1.13MB     Raritan
nj060     2.64MB   3.03MB   1.23MB     Bound Brook
nj061     2.21MB   3.02MB   1.37MB     Plainfield
nj062     2.46MB   3.03MB   1.57MB     Perth Amboy
nj063      484KB   1.04MB    279KB     Arthur Kill
nj066     1.11MB   1.34MB    392KB     Lumberville
nj067     1.63MB   3.05MB    927KB     Stockton
nj068     1.61MB   3.05MB    995KB     Hopewell
nj069     1.57MB   3.04MB    912KB     Rocky Hill
nj070     2.02MB   3.03MB    891KB     Monmouth Junction
nj071     3.80MB   3.03MB   2.07MB     New Brunswick
nj072     1.77MB   3.04MB   1.41MB     South Amboy
nj073     1.85MB   2.68MB    897KB     Keyport
nj074     1.72MB   2.99MB    646KB     Sandy Hook
nj076      847KB   1.14MB    320KB     Lambertville
nj077     1.79MB   3.05MB   1.03MB     Pennington
nj078     1.88MB   3.04MB   1.12MB     Princeton
nj079     1.63MB   3.03MB    836KB     Hightstown
nj080     1.11MB   3.03MB    767KB     Jamesburg
nj081     1.57MB   3.04MB    938KB     Freehold
nj082     1.82MB   3.06MB   1.05MB     Marlboro
nj083     2.19MB   2.25MB   1.34MB     Long Branch
nj086     1.09MB   2.30MB    276KB     Trenton West
nj087     2.88MB   3.05MB   1.53MB     Trenton East
nj088     1.71MB   3.04MB    994KB     Allentown
nj089     1.52MB   3.05MB   1.21MB     Roosevelt
nj090     3.73MB   3.05MB   1.85MB     Adelphia
nj091     2.54MB   3.06MB   1.45MB     Farmingdale
nj092     3.56MB   3.25MB   1.72MB     Asbury Park
nj093      231KB    315KB     78KB     Frankford
nj094     1.08MB   1.97MB    590KB     Beverly  
nj095     1.67MB   3.05MB    802KB     Bristol
nj096     1.65MB   3.05MB    940KB     Columbus
nj097     1.87MB   3.04MB   1.04MB     New Egypt
nj098     1.30MB   3.05MB    975KB     Cassville
nj099     1.72MB   3.05MB   1.04MB     Lakehurst
nj100     2.94MB   3.06MB   1.58MB     Lakewood
nj101     2.84MB   2.31MB   1.09MB     Point Pleasant
nj102      431KB   1.26MB     82KB     Philadelphia
nj103     2.67MB   3.08MB   1.51MB     Camden
nj104     2.60MB   3.08MB   1.27MB     Moorestown
nj105     1.77MB   3.07MB   1.02MB     Mt Holly
nj106     1.57MB   3.06MB    884KB     Pemberton
nj107     1.78MB   3.05MB   1.06MB     Brown Mills
nj108     1.25MB   3.05MB    894KB     Whiting
nj109     1.73MB   3.06MB    964KB     Keswick Grove
nj110     2.78MB   3.07MB   1.70MB     Toms River
nj111     1.76MB   1.61MB    442KB     Seaside Park
nj112      777KB   1.38MB    246KB     Marcus Hook
nj113     1.41MB   2.54MB    828KB     Bridgeport
nj114     1.88MB   3.09MB   1.05MB     Woodbury
nj115     2.75MB   3.09MB   1.61MB     Runnemede
nj116     2.15MB   3.08MB   1.16MB     Clementon
nj117     1.75MB   3.07MB    958KB     Medford Lakes
nj118     1.58MB   3.07MB    918KB     Indian Mills
nj119     1.52MB   3.06MB    894KB     Chatsworth
nj120     1.24MB   3.06MB    868KB     Woodmansie
nj121     1.70MB   3.06MB    988KB     Brookville
nj122     2.48MB   3.08MB   1.42MB     Forked River
nj123     1.49MB   1.05MB    360KB     Barnegat Light
nj124      714KB    897KB    192KB     Wilmington South
nj125     2.09MB   3.12MB   1.12MB     Penns Grove
nj126     1.90MB   3.11MB   1.09MB     Woodstown
nj127     1.90MB   3.11MB   1.03MB     Pitman West
nj128     2.15MB   3.10MB   1.16MB     Pitman East
nj129     1.68MB   3.09MB    923KB     Williamstown
nj130     1.68MB   3.08MB    890KB     Hammonton
nj131     1.51MB   3.07MB    814KB     Atsion  
nj132     1.56MB   3.06MB    864KB     Jenkins
nj133     3.52MB   3.06MB   2.27MB     Oswego Lake
nj134     1.88MB   3.07MB   1.11MB     West Creek
nj135     1.84MB   3.07MB    831KB     Ship Bottom
nj136      229KB    115KB     29KB     Long Beach
nj137      970KB   1.48MB    311KB     Delaware City
nj138     1.51MB   3.13MB    775KB     Salem
nj139     1.83MB   3.12MB   1.00MB     Alloway
nj140     1.51MB   3.11MB    801KB     Elmer
nj141     1.56MB   3.10MB    875KB     Newfield
nj142     1.39MB   3.09MB    716KB     Buena
nj143     1.82MB   3.08MB   1.02MB     Newtonville
nj144     1.80MB   3.08MB    966KB     Egg Harbor City
nj145     1.71MB   3.07MB    923KB     Green Bank
nj146     1.76MB   3.07MB   1.31MB     New Gretna
nj147     2.83MB   3.08MB   1.35MB     Tuckerton
nj148     1.07MB    894KB    258KB     Beach Haven
nj149      446KB    436KB    119KB     Taylors Bridge
nj150     1.77MB   3.11MB    941KB     Canton
nj151     1.73MB   3.13MB    973KB     Shiloh 
nj152     1.85MB   3.12MB    973KB     Bridgeton
nj153     1.82MB   3.11MB   1.06MB     Millville
nj154     1.64MB   3.10MB    805KB     Five Points
nj155     1.52MB   3.09MB    804KB     Dorothy
nj156     1.97MB   3.08MB   1.10MB     Mays Landing
nj157     2.07MB   3.07MB   1.29MB     Pleasantville
nj158     1.96MB   3.07MB   1.48MB     Oceanville
nj159     1.42MB   1.77MB    407KB     Brigantine Inlet
nj160       85KB     96KB     16KB     Bombay Hook Island
nj161     1.09MB   2.09MB    490KB     Ben Davis Point
nj162     1.25MB   3.11MB    602KB     Cedarville
nj163     1.59MB   3.11MB    763KB     Dividing Creek
nj164     1.80MB   3.10MB    873KB     Port Elizabeth
nj165     1.43MB   3.10MB    708KB     Tuckahoe
nj166     2.25MB   3.09MB   1.44MB     Marmora
nj167     2.72MB   3.08MB   1.32MB     Ocean City
nj168      721KB    936KB    344KB     Atlantic City
nj169      553KB    980KB    145KB     Fortescue
nj170      641KB   1.48MB    226KB     Port Norris
nj171     1.32MB   3.10MB    534KB     Heislerville
nj172     1.79MB   3.10MB   1.00MB     Woodbine
nj173     2.54MB   3.44MB   1.07MB     Sea Isle City
nj174     1.14MB   2.03MB    387KB     Rio Grande
nj175     2.64MB   3.10MB   1.36MB     Stone Harbor
nj176      843KB    581KB    192KB     Avalon
nj177     1.18MB   1.39MB    464KB     Cape May
nj178      907KB   1.06MB    296KB     Wildwood


ARC/INFO GRID, bit-mapped images, base maps, topographic 
image, TIFF image, georegistered bit-mapped image, 
monochromatic image


State of New Jersey


Gregory C. Herman
N.J. Dept. Environmental Protection
Division of Science & Research
N. J. Geological Survey
PO Box 427
Trenton, NJ  08625
phone: (609) 984-6587



Monochromatic (bit map) image grids at 250 dpi resolution


The Grids are compiled from the U.S. Geological Survey 
(USGS) DRG image series distributed by the USGS on compact 
discs (CD's). Source information for the images are 
summarized below and include the list of CD's, file names, 
and corresponding map sources for the imagery:

CD     ONE-DEGREE         

039075 NEW YORK-W    040073C8.TIF  Long Branch, NJ (1981)
                     040073D8.TIF  Sandy Hook, NJ-NY (1981)
                     040073G8.TIF  Central Park, NY-NJ (1979)
                     040073H8.TIF  Yonkers, NY-NJ (1966)  

398573 SCRANTON-W    040075A1.TIF  Bushkill, PA-NJ (1993)
398574 SCRANTON-E    041074A1.TIF  Park Ridge, NJ-NY (1955)
                     041074A2.TIF  Ramsey, NJ-NY (1955)
                     041074A3.TIF  Wanaque, NJ (1954)
                     041074A4.TIF  Newfoundland, NJ (1954)
                     041074A5.TIF  Franklin, NJ (1971)
                     041074A6.TIF  Newton East, NJ (1971)
                     041074A7.TIF  Newton West, NJ (1971)
                     041074A8.TIF  Flatbrookville, NJ-NY (1992)
                     041074B2.TIF  Sloatsburg, NY-NJ (1955)
                     041074B3.TIF  Greenwood Lake, NY-NJ (1954)
                     041074B4.TIF  Waywayanda, NJ-NY (1954)
                     041074B5.TIF  Hamburg, NJ (1976)
                     041074B6.TIF  Branchville, NJ (1976)
                     041074B7.TIF  Culvers Gap, NJ-PA (1976)
                     041074B8.TIF  Lake Maskenhoza, PA-NJ (1973)
                     041074C4.TIF  Pine Island, NY-NJ (1969)
                     041074C5.TIF  Unionville, NY-NJ (1969)
                     041074C6.TIF  Port Jervis South, NY-NJ (1983)
                     041074C7.TIF  Milford, PA-NJ (1983)

419745 NEWARK-W      040075A1.TIF  Frankford, PA-NJ (1983)
                     040075D1.TIF  Lumberville, PA-NJ (1969 & 1973)
                     040075E1.TIF  Frenchtown, NJ-PA (1994)
                     040075E2.TIF  Riegelsville, PA-NJ (1968 & 1973)
                     040075F1.TIF  Bloomsbury, NJ (1970)
                     040075F2.TIF  Easton, PA-NJ (1994)
                     040075G1.TIF  Belvidere, NJ-PA (1992)
                     040075G2.TIF  Bangor, PA-NJ (1994)
                     040075H1.TIF  Portland, PA-NJ (1992)
                     040075H2.TIF  Stroudsburg, PA (1992)

419746 NEWARK-E      040074A1.TIF  Point Pleasant, NJ (1989)
                     040074A2.TIF  Lakewood, NJ (1989)
                     040074A3.TIF  Lakehurst, NJ (1957)
                     040074A4.TIF  Cassville, NJ (1957)
                     040074A5.TIF  New Egypt, NJ (1977)
                     040074A6.TIF  Columbus, NJ (1981)
                     040074A7.TIF  Bristol, PA-NJ (1981)
                     040074A8.TIF  Beverly, NJ-PA (1973)
                     040074B1.TIF  Asbury Park, NJ (1989)
                     040074B2.TIF  Farmingdale NJ (1989)
                     040074B3.TIF  Adelphia, NJ (1981)
                     040074B4.TIF  Roosevelt, NJ (1981)
                     040074B5.TIF  Allentown, NJ (1981)
                     040074B6.TIF  Trenton East, NJ-PA (1981)
                     040074B7.TIF  Trenton West, NJ-PA (1981)
                     040074C2.TIF  Marlboro, NJ (1981)
                     040074C3.TIF  Freehold, NJ (1981)
                     040074C4.TIF  Jamesburg, NJ (1981)
                     040074C5.TIF  Hightstown, NJ (1981)
                     040074C6.TIF  Princeton, NJ (1981)
                     040074C7.TIF  Pennington, NJ-PA (1981)
                     040074C8.TIF  Lambertville, PA-NJ (1973)
                     040074D2.TIF  Keyport, NJ-NY (1970)
                     040074D3.TIF  South Amboy, NY-NY (1981)
                     040074D4.TIF  New Brunswick, NJ (1981)
                     040074D5.TIF  Monmouth Junction, NJ (1981)
                     040074D6.TIF  Rocky Hill, NJ (1970)
                     040074D7.TIF  Hopewell, NJ (1970)
                     040074D8.TIF  Stockton, NJ (1981)
                     040074E1.TIF  The Narrows, NY-NJ (1981)
                     040074E2.TIF  Arthur Kill (NY) (1981)
                     040074E3.TIF  Perth Amboy, NJ (1981)
                     040074E4.TIF  Plainfield, NJ (1981)
                     040074E5.TIF  Bound Brook, NJ (1970)	
                     040074E6.TIF  Raritan, NJ (1981)
                     040074E7.TIF  Flemington, NJ (1970)
                     040074E8.TIF  Pittstown, NJ (1970)
                     040074F1.TIF  Jersey City, NJ-NY (1981)
                     040074F2.TIF  Elizabeth, NJ (1981)
                     040074F3.TIF  Roselle, NJ (1981) 
                     040074F4.TIF  Chatham, NJ (1981)
                     040074F5.TIF  Bernarndsville, NJ (1981)
                     040074F6.TIF  Gladstone, NJ (1970)
                     040074F7.TIF  Califon, NJ (1970)
                     040074F8.TIF  High Bridge, NJ (1970)
                     040074G1.TIF  Weehawken, NJ-NY (1981)
                     040074G2.TIF  Orange, NJ (1981)
                     040074G3.TIf  Caldwell, NJ (1981)
                     040074G4.TIF  Morristown, NJ (1981)
                     040074G5.TIF  Mendham, NJ (1981)
                     040074G6.TIF  Chester, NJ (1981)
                     040074G7.TIF  Hackettstown, NJ (1971)
                     040074G8.TIF  Washington, NJ (1971)
                     040074H1.TIF  Hackensack, NJ (1981)
                     040074H2.TIF  Paterson, NJ (1981)
                     040074H3.TIF  Pompton Plains, NJ (1981)
                     040075H4.TIF  Boonton, NJ (1981)
                     040075H5.TIF  Dover, NJ (1981)
                     040075H6.TIF  Stanhope, NJ (1981)
                     040075H7.TIF  Tranquility, NJ (1981)
                     040075H8.TIF  Blairstown, NJ (1981)

419752 WILMINGTON-W  039075A6.TIF  Avalon, NJ (1972)
                     039075A7.TIF  Stone Harbor, NJ (1972)
                     039075A8.TIF  Rio Grande, NJ (1977)
                     039075B6.TIF  Sea Isle City, NJ (1972)
                     039075B7.TIF  Woodbine, NJ (1972)
                     039075B8.TIF  Heislerville, NJ (1972) 
                     039075C4.TIF  Atlantic City, NJ (1989)
                     039075C5.TIF  Ocean City, NJ (1989)
                     039075C6.TIF  Marmora, NJ (1989)
                     039075C7.TIF  Tuckahoe, NJ (1977)
                     039075C8.TIF  Port Elizabeth, NJ (1972)
                     039075D3.TIF  Briigantine Inlet (1989)
                     039075D4.TIF  Oceanville, NJ (1989)
                     039075D5.TIF  Pleasantville, NJ (1989)
                     039075D6.TIF  Mays Landing, NJ (1989)
                     039075D7.TIF  Dorothy, NJ (1972)
                     039075D8.TIF  Five Points, NJ (1972)
                     039075E2.TIF  Beach Haven, NJ (1972)
                     039075E3.TIF  Tuckerton, NJ (1972)
                     039075E4.TIF  New Gretna, NJ (1972)
                     039075E5.TIF  Green Bank, NJ (1972)
                     039075E6.TIF  Egg Harbor City, NJ (1972)
                     039075E7.TIF  Newtonville, NJ (1972)
                     039075E8.TIF  Buena, NJ (1970)
                     039075F1.TIF  Long Beach NE, NJ (1977)
                     039075F2.TIF  Ship Bottom, NJ (1972)
                     039075F3.TIF  West Creek, NJ (1972)
                     039075F4.TIF  Oswego Lake, NJ (1969)
                     039075F5.TIF  Jenkins, NJ (1977)
                     039075F6.TIF  Atsion, NJ (1977)
                     039075F7.TIF  Hammonton, NJ (1981)
                     039075F8.TIF  Williamstown, NJ (1981)
                     039075G8.TIF  Clementon, NJ (1981)
                     039075G7.TIF  Medford Lakes, NJ (1981)
                     039075G6,TIF  Indian Mills, NJ (1977)
                     039075G5.TIF  Chatsworth, NJ (1957)
                     039075G4.TIF  Woodmansie, NJ (1977)
                     039075G3.TIF  Brookville, NJ (1972)
                     039075G2.TIF  Forked River, NJ (1989)
                     039075G1.TIF  Barnegat Light, NJ (1989)
                     039075H1.TIF  Seaside Park, NJ (1989)
                     039075H2.TIF  Toms River, NJ (1989)
                     039075H3.TIF  Keswick Grove, NJ (1957)
                     039075H4.TIF  Whiting, NJ (1957)
                     039075H5.TIF  Brown Mills, NJ (1957)
                     039075H6.TIF  Pemberton, NJ (1957)
                     039075H7.TIf  Mount Holly, (1967)
                     039075H8.TIF  Moorestown, NJ (1966)

451818 HARTFORD-W    041073A8.TIF  Nyack, NY-NJ (1979)

582200 WILMINGTON-E  039074B1.TIF  Port Norris, NJ (1992)
                     039074B2.TIF  Fortescue, NJ-Del (1992)
                     039074C1.TIF  Dividing Creek, NJ (1986)
                     039074C2.TIF  Cedarville, NJ (1922)
                     039074C3.TIF  Ben Davis Point, NJ-Del (1993)
                     039074C4.TIF  Bombay Hook Island, Del-NJ (1993)
                     039074D1.TIF  Millville, NJ (1986)
                     039074D2.TIF  Bridgeton, NJ (1972)
                     039074D3.TIF  Shiloh, NJ (1993)
                     039074D4.TIf  Canton, NJ-Del (1993)
                     039074D5.TIF  Taylors Bridge, Del-NJ (1993)
                     039074E1.TIF  Newfield, NJ (1994)
                     039074E2.TIF  Elmer, NJ (1994)
                     039074E3.TIF  Alloway, NJ (1970)
                     039074E4.TIF  Salem, NJ (1993)
                     039074E5.TIF  Delaware City, Del-NJ (1993)
                     039074F1.TIF  Pitman East, NJ (1994)
                     039074F2.TIF  Pitman West, NJ (1994
                     039074F3.TIF  Woodstown, NJ (1982)
                     039074F4.TIF  Penns Grove, NJ-DEL (1993)
                     039074F5.TIF  Wilmington South, DEL-NJ (1993)
                     039074G1.TIF  Runnemede, NJ (1994)
                     039074G2.TIF  Woodbury, NJ-PA (1986)
                     039074G3.TIF  Bridgeport, NJ-PA (1994)
                     039074G4.TIF  Marcus Hook, PA-NJ-DEL (1993)
                     039074H1.TIF  Camden, NJ-PA (1967)
                     039074H2.TIF  Philadelphia, PA-NJ (1994)
634224 SALISBURY-E   039075H8.TIF  Cape May, NJ (1972)
                     039075H7.TIF  Wildwood, NJ (1977)


Maryann Scott and Gregory Herman georegistered and 
rectified the images, processed the GRIDS and compiled 
the metadata.


May 26, 1999


Images were copied from the UGSG DRG source CDs to a 
computer hard disk for subsequent processing. Each 
image was converted to a monochromatic bit map using 
a raster-graphic image editor by manually resetting 
11 of the 13 color index values in the image's color 
map in the following manner:

USGS DRG                -->  NJGS Monochromatic     
Color Palette                Bit Map Equivalents
Color (Red,Green,Blue)  -->  Color
Black (0,0,0)                Black (0,0,0)
White (255,255,255)          White (255,255,255)
Blue (0,151,164)             Black (0,0,0) 
Red (203,0,23)               Black (0,0,0)
Brown (131,66,37)            Black (0,0,0)
Green (201,234,157)          White (255,255,255) 
Purple (137,51,128)          Black (0,0,0)
Yellow (255,234,0)           Black (0,0,0)
Light Blue (167,226,226)     White (255,255,255)
Light Red (255,184,184)      White (255,255,255)
Light Purple (218,179,214)   White (255,255,255)    
Light Grey (209,209,209)     Black (0,0,0)
Light Brown (207,164,142)    Black (0,0,0).

Each image was georegistered and rectified into the 1983 
North American Datum (NAD83) in state plane coordinate 
feet using ARC/INF0 (Version 7.1.1) software. Image 
registration information is referenced in section 2.6 

Each image was imported into the ArcView (v. 3.0a) GIS 
program for conversion to a ARC/INFO grid using the 
Spatial Analyst software.  Each grid was cropped to 
the neatline boundary of the 7-1/2 minute quadrangle 
using the ArcView Avenue script gridclip.ave, then 
saved as a new grid.

Following is an excerpt from an U.S. Geological Survey 
metadata file outlining the processing steps involved in 
production of a standard DRG product.  This information 
is supplied here in lieu of including USGS metadata files 
for all source images:

 PROCESS DESCRIPTION: The production procedures, 
  instrumentation, hardware, and software used in the 
  collection of standard DRG products vary depending on 
  systems used at the contract, cooperator or USGS 
  production sites.  The majority of DRG data sets are 
  acquired through government contract.  The process step 
  describes, in general, the processes used in the 
  production of standard DRG data sets.
  1. Production of a DRG begins with the scanning of a 
  paper 7.5-minute topographic map (map1) on a 
  high-resolution scanner. Scanning resolutions range 
  from 500 - 1000 dpi with the output file running 
  between 160-300 Mb.

  2. Removal of screens (descreening) and color 
  quantization to reduce the number of colors also takes 
  place during the scanning phase.

  3. The raw scan file is then transformed and 
  georeferenced using UTM coordinates of the sixteen 
  2.5-minute grid ticks, which are obtained using the 
  in-house produced program COORDAT and stored in a ground 
  control file.  Those sixteen 2.5-minute ticks are  
  interactively visited and assigned their respective 
  UTM coordinates. USGS program XSHAPES4 then performs a 
  piecewise linear rubber sheet transformation.

  4. An output resolution of 2.4 meters (8.2 feet) is 
  chosen in order to resample the file to 250 dpi.

  5. The image file is converted to a TIFF and further 
  reduced by converting the file to a run length 
  encoding Packbits compression(type 32773).

  6. The color palette of the compressed DRG is then 
  standardized by replacing the original RGB values 
  assigned during the scanning process with standard RGB 
  value combinations using the in-house produced TIFFREMAP 

  7. Prior to archiving the DRG undergoes the following 
  quality assurance procedures:

    a. The color index values of each DRG are checked to 
    ensure the RGB combinations are consistent with the 
    standardized color palette.

    b. All DRG files are inspected to ensure that they 
    are geometrically consistent with normal map 

    c. Selected DRG's are checked to ensure that data 
    elements in the DRG metadata file correspond to the 
    map collar information and to the information in the 
    associated image file.

    d. Selected DRG's are checked for georeferencing 
    accuracy by comparing the book value of latitude and 
    longitude tick marks with corresponding tick 
    intersections in the DRG image.

    e. Transformations are checked on selected DRG's by 
    comparing the positions of well defined points, such 
    as UTM grid intersections in the graphic product, with 
    the corresponding image points in the DRG.

  USGS DRG production specifications are available on 
  request from the National Mapping Division and 
  Mid-Continent Mapping Center by contacting:

    U.S. Geological Survey
    1400 Independence Rd., MS231
    Rolla, MO 65401-2602
    Phone (573) 308-3500
    Facsimile (573) 308-3615
    E-mail to
    World Wide Web:

All rectified images were checked for horizontal accuracy 
by comparing locations of 7-1/2 minute ticks on the 
imagery to those in the vector coverage used for 
georegistration.  Each image meets the National Map 
Accuracy Standard (NMAS) for the 1:24,000 (not more than 
10% of the points tested shall be in error more than 
40.00 feet).


Refer to ASCII (MS-DOS) text file 


for a complete listing of the registration information for 
each 7-1/2' quadrangle image.



The TIFF images are monochromatic bit maps. The 
georegistration coordinate files (*.tfw) are ASCII text 

ARC/INFO grids are raster (cell-based) data with 
relational database attributes for each cell. Grids are 
stored within ARC/INFO workspaces; directory-level 
computer files containing grid and INFO subdirectories. 
Each grid possesses a directory-level computer file 
structure. Each categorical grid has an associated value 
attribute table (VAT) that is stored in the INFO 
relational database.

Grids use a hierarchical tile-block structure.  Each grid 
is first divided into uniform square units called tiles.  
Each tile represents an actual portion of geographic 
space. A tile is divided into blocks.  Blocks are 
rectangular units with the x-axis direction longer than 
the y-axis direction. A block is made up of square cells 
arranged in a Cartesian matrix consisting of rows and 

An ARC/INFO GRID is stored as a separate directory with 
associated tables and files that contain specific 
information about the grid. Each GRID has the following 
set of files residing under the directory bearing the 
file name (for example, nj001):

dblbnd.adf - table storing information about the grid 
hdr.adf - binary file storing information about cell 
   resolution and blocking factor
log - file containing information about activity that 
   has occurred on the grid
sta.adf - INFO table containing statistics for the grid
vat.adf - INFO table storing attributes associated with 
   the zones of a grid 
w001001.adf - tile file that stores the cell data 
w001001x.adf - index file that indexes the blocks in 
   the tile and log files

In addition to these files, each grid includes two 
associated INFO files residing under the INFO directory 
within the root workspace.  These INFO files are named 
sequentially within the workspace and include the 
arc####.dat and arc####.nit file names, where #### is a 
4-digit numeral related to the sequence of entry within 
the ARC/INFO workspace.  These INFO files are linked to 
the sta.adf and vat.adf files under the file name 


172 tiff image with associated world-reference files 




Scale = 1:24,000
Datum = NAD83
Coordinate System = NJ State Plane
Units = feet
Spheroid = CLARKE 1866 projected to GRS 1980
Projection = Polyconic
Zone = 4701


Refer to ASCII (MS-DOS) text file 


for a complete listing of the boundary parameters for each 
7-1/2' quadrangle images.




5.1.1 COMMON PROPERTIES Grid Cell Properties:

Number of Values = 2
Attribute Data (bytes) = 8 Image Properties:

Format:       TIFF
Type:         MONOCHROME
Colormap:     NONE
Compression:  NONE
Rotation:     NONE
Depth:        1
Bands:        1


Refer to ASCII (MS-DOS) text file 


for a complete listing of the descriptive parameters 
and statistics for each 7-1/2' quadrangle image.



dgs991reg.txt - ASCII (MS-DOS) text file providing a 
complete listing of the image georegistration information 
for each 7-1/2' quadrangle image.

dgs991par.txt - ASCII (MS-DOS) text file providing a 
complete listing of the descriptive parameters and 
statistics for each 7-1/2' quadrangle image.

NJDEP reference coverage /data/mapgrids/quads86 is an 
ARC/INFO polygon and line vector coverage of the set 
of 7-1/2' tiles covering New Jersey



Data are available in the ARC/INFO GRID format upon 




May 27, 1999


Gregory C. Herman and Maryann C. Scott